The Family of Man



La légendaire  exposition The Family of Man , créée par Edward Steichen pour le New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) en1955 est visible au château de Clervaux, au Luxembourg.  503 photographies de  273 photographes  exposent la condition humaine, tout autour du monde.


Deux autres sites au Luxembourg présentent le travail de ce photographe américain d’origine luxembourgeoise.

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ESSE 2016, Suzy Lee’ s « Alice in wonderland », rewriting by images


Dans le cadre du Congrès ESSE qui se tient cette semaine à Galway, en Irlande,  je présenterai cet ouvrage de Suzy Lee, mardi 22 août, à 17h, salle 15.

Introduction :

“The book Alice in Wonderland belongs to this production of children’s albums and books, which give new borders to children’s books. Images used to be a way, added to orality and words, to give the child the opportunity to meet literature. In this book, Images without words wonder us whether it’s still necessary to use verbs and words, in children’s books.

Well, here are three possible ways we might go about this book.

First of all, we are going to introduce this book which is at the junction of different artistic currents.

In a second part, we will try to analyze how this book, taking roots in Charles Ludwig Dodgson’s work, is able to escape from it, given images a voice.

In a final part, we will study how the viewer-reader is deeply involved in the act of reading. He has to re-build the book. Using the photographic medium, Suzy Lee puts him on the border between reality and dream.”


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